Wednesday, February 9, 2011


  I am a firm believer that a person's name bestows upon him or her particular personality attributes. Traits not controlled by fate, or environment... By that logic, my name must have gifted (or cursed) me with the annoying habit of being a procrastinator. I have always been one to push off every little thing until the last possible moment.

  As irritating as this habit seems to be on the surface, it really is advantageous to me; I do my best work when under pressure. Whether that work is writing a report, whipping up a dish to pass at a pot-luck or painting a mini...pushing deadlines works for me.

  I hammered out the Harlequin shown below, from bare-metal to sealed in about 3 hours. It was my most feverish painting session ever, as that particular mini was Con-bound and due to leave a mere 5 hours after its completion.

  So, now, in addition to having deadlines to study the WHFB Wood Elves codex, WH40k Rulebook and 40k Apocalypse book, I need a deadline to finish setting up my closet painting space.

  I think. I'll put off setting that deadline until tomorrow...

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  1. Hey, Sally -- some nice things going on with the Harlequin. If you can, try to post the pictures a bit bigger. I like the blog and glad you started!

    Warhammer Armies