Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deadlines: Game On!

Welcome back to The Closet Painter. I'd like to credit my absence to me preparing my envisioned painting space, but that is not why I haven't posted all week. The closest I have come to working on my closet has been creating a mental list of items I will need to replace those available to me at my current painting locale. Not much in the way of progress, I know.

I spend a lot of time on twitter, and on other electronic messaging venues, and have made several on-line friends. Two nights ago, I was dealt a friendly challenge...a race, of sorts... In 30 days' time, I need to have all 28 of my Necron Warriors 1)cleaned of all mould-lines 2)assembled as far as I want them to be for painting purposes 3)primed/basecoated. Meanwhile, my opponent has placed upon himself, a 30-day deadline to finish priming, assembling, painting and detailing his Land Raider.

So, to him I say, "Game on!".

Some of you may be thinking that 30 days is a ridiculously long time to accomplish such simple goals. I assure you that, to me, one month does not feel like an ample amount of time (please see my last post on Procrastion). I am extremely obsessive about removing mould-lines from my minis, whether the lines will be visible after final-assembly or not; and my competitor claims to be very detail-oriented when it comes to painting. Also, we both work long, odd hours (here is where I feel at a slight disadvantage as some days, but not many, my challenger works from home). So I have been transporting my tray of 'cron body parts (macabre hobby, isn't it?) to work, but making little headway on them because, hey, it's more fun to tweet on break than it is to delve into monotonous, meticulous scraping and filing.

Maybe I'll get started on them tomorrow...;)

Oh, and to anyone still hanging around, reading this, the wager was placed on the table as follows: The loser must wear green nail polish for a day. I'm a girl, so no biggie, really. However, I am upping the ante... Now, the loser must wear green nail polish for a week, with daily photographic evidence (think, "a dated newspaper").

Game On!

p.s. You may meet my challenger, Durne Kell,here. Please, do your best to distract him;)


  1. I hope you both agreed to blog entries to show progress!

    Warhammer Armies

  2. :) I will post entries of my Landraider Achilles on my blog starting tomorrow. I believe in giving a head start to the challenged.